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    Today is all we have. What’s done in the past cannot be changed and what will happen in the future is uncertain, so many wise people have suggested focusing on the present and getting the best outcome from the available scenario. The same goes for the practice of agriculture. We learn from our mistakes and experiments and try to amend them for a healthy & better future.

    • Old traditions are gone with the ages. Now is the time to be raw & organic in our methods and approach.

    In today’s blog, we will target the importance of organic farming and how it shapes the new era of agriculture. In addition, we will also suggest how Mipatex is bringing about the change with its eco-friendly, superior-quality products for the betterment of the agriculture industry.

    Organic Farming

    Organic farming is a method of the ecological production of crops and livestock that involves much more than avoiding pesticides, fertilizers, genetically modified organisms, antibiotics, and growth hormones. It depends on the ultimate usage of raw, pure & organic materials with the minimal use of off-farm inputs and management techniques that restore, maintain, and enhance ecological harmony.

    Organic farming is based on four key sustainability metrics: productivity, environmental impact, economic viability and social well-being. They are profitable, environmentally friendly, and deliver equally or more nutritious food that contains less or no pesticide residues, as compared to conventional farming. Moreover, organic agricultural systems offer more significant ecosystem services and social benefits.

    Organic farming is significantly increasing now in organic agriculture & practiced in almost all countries of the world. The market for organic products is growing in every corner of the globe. The demand for organic food is steadily increasing both in developed and developing countries, with an annual average growth rate of 20-25%. The effect of organic agriculture on natural resources can be seen in agro-ecosystem, which are vital for both agricultural production and nature conservation.

    Continued use of organic manure on a farm benefits its organic matter content, which supports the soil, flora & fauna. Organic matter improves soil structure and increases water-holding capacity, which is essential for dry farming conditions. And for the enhancement of rich soil, MIPATEX Vermi bed & Azolla Bed prove to be highly effective as they let the farmers make their own nutrient rich organic compost. Organic farming contributes to reduced consumption of fossil fuel energy, reduced carbon dioxide, reduced soil erosion and increased carbon stocks. Greenhouse warming potential in organic farming is 29 to 37 per cent lower due to lesser use of chemically intoxicated & synthetic fertilizers and pesticides as well as less use of high energy feed.

    Pin your hopes on MIPATEX Products

    MIPATEX developing products for organic cultivation. It is proving to be the game-changer in the field of agriculture farming with its top-quality products like Vermi Compost Beds, Azolla Beds, Grow Bags, Garden Beds & whatnot. With its years of innovation and craftsmanship, it has figured out the key to success by providing eco-friendly products which maximize the income of the farmers and simultaneously helps in improving the environment and the ecological cycle.

    Azolla Cultivation Bed

    These beds are made from HDPE geomembrane fabrics & designed for easy cultivation of natural livestock feed and biofertilizer. Azolla, an aquatic fern is a branch -free floating plant, also called duckweed. It rapidly grows on the water surface and can be cultivated every day. Thus, it is the right option for farmers to produce sufficient feed for their animals with limited resources. The Azolla plant is full of proteins, organic amino acids, nutrients like vitamin A. It contains minerals like calcium, potassium, phosphorous, ferrous, copper, magnesium.

    Azolla Bed helps farmers to produce Azolla food, a very low-cost organic supplement feed for livestock. It is the ideal organic feed for dairy cattle, fish, pig, and poultry apart from this it can be used as biofertilizer for the farm.

    Vermicompost Bed

    Now make your organic compost at any time & anywhere. It lowers the dependency of farmers on commercially sold chemical fertilizers. Vermicompost is widely used in advanced organic farming. Our vermi bed can be set up anywhere with a super easy & flexible preparation technique. Its lightweight, reinforced HDPE flexible fabrics make them portable and easy to transport economically.

    It’s a simple way to add nutrient-rich humus to your farm or garden that fuels plant growth and restores vitality to depleted soil. They are simple to set up in difficult to access or remote locations. It can be migrated and reused many times. Vermibed is light in weight henceforth, extremely easy to install, and yet it’s strong.

    Garden Bags

    You don’t have to dwell for a specific space to do organic farming anymore. Use MIPATEX garden/grow bags, as they come too handy & lightweight and helps you grow your vegetables & flower garden. They are made from HDPE woven laminated fabrics which are UV stabilized to sustain for a more extended period. Perfect for growing all types of vegetables and plants. Suitable for Urban farming, Kitchen garden, Terrace gardening, Home garden, balcony garden.

    Mulching Films

    Plastic Mulching suppresses weed growth without using harmful herbicides. Weeds require light to grow; Mipatex plastic mulch will not allow light to reach the soil, preventing weed growth. This will benefit the farmer through a reduction in the use of harmful herbicides.


    The holistic approach of organic farming is what makes it different from other methods of farming as it includes the enhancement of not only the crops, but also of the people, ecological system and economy as well. Organic agriculture is an ecological production that sustains the health of soils, ecosystems and people. It relies on the environmental system, biodiversity and cycles adapted to local conditions, rather than the use of inputs with adverse effects.

    Although organic agriculture has an unexploited role in establishing sustainable farming systems, only some approaches will safely feed the planet. Instead, a mixture of organic and other innovative farming systems is needed. However, significant barriers exist to adopting these systems, and a diversity of policy instruments will be required to facilitate their development and implementation.

    MIPATEX eco-friendly and cost-effective products are what everyone needs to do effectual farming while yielding high-income revenue with the constructive management of the society & the agro-cultural system as a whole. They don’t just focus on organic use of their products, but also the decent management of waste disposal & the proper utilization of water & other valuable resources. Therefore, choose smart & work smart towards the amelioration of the whole wide world.