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HDPE Geomembrane

HDPE Geomembrane sheet

HDPE Geomembrane-Pond Liner

HDPE Geomembrane pond liner is the most cost-effective, versatile, and flexible liner available. Ideal for ponds of all sizes with steep or gentle sloping sides, tight corners, contours, and shelving. This lightweight liner is easy to install. It can be used for many projects, including landscaping, retaining walls, drains, erosion control, gardening, aquafarming, rainwater harvesting, construction projects, and more.

Mipatex HDPE Geomembrane is manufactured from HDPE woven fabrics Laminated with LDPE, special UV stabilizers, and other additives using extrusion coating technology. Mipatex Geomembranes are durable, cost-effective, and one of the most preferred liners for lining projects.

hdpe geomembrane
HDPE Geomembrane Features

HDPE Geomembrane Sheet

  • Premium Quality: MIPATEX HDPE geomembrane made from HDPE woven fabrics laminated with LDPE adding UV stabilizer, carbon black, and additive to improve life, make chemical resistant, and protect against UV and oxidation.
  • Durable: provides maximum performance in all climates and environmental conditions. Our formulation and production process makes it extra sturdy, tear-resistant, puncher-resistant, hydrostatic pressure-resistant, durable, and aging resistant to intense weather pressures.
  • Customization: We can provide customized liners for any pond size our customer requests, including specialty custom-built tank liners for an old concrete tank.
  • Agricultural Use: In agriculture, it helps the farmer store rainwater to provide adequate, reliable, long-term water supply, hence ending the vulnerability and uncertainty of rain.
  • Versatile Liner: The primary use of Geomembrane liner is waterproof lining in a farm pond, fish pond, artificial lakes, bunds, reservoirs, dams, canals, landfill, waste disposal sites, wastewater storage, rainwater harvesting, and irrigation storage. Suitable for all types of liquid containment and covering applications. 
hdpe geomembrane pond liner
Pond Liner installation Video

HDPE Geomembrane Video

HDPE Geomembrane Specification

HDPE Geomembrane Technical Information

IS 15351

MIPATEX HDPE Geomembrane Pond Liners are made as per IS 15351: 2015, and approved by the Bureau of Indian Standards. Mipatex multilayered geomembrane sheets are manufactured by  HDPE woven fabrics laminated with LDPE and Treated with UV Stabilizer, and functional additives using extrusion coating technology. 

IS 15351
Product Code Thickness Mass Color Limited Warranty Exposed Limited Warranty Buried
0.30 mm
250 GSM
3 years
5 years
0.50 mm
420 GSM
5 years
10 years
0.75 mm
650 GSM
7 years
12 years
1.00 mm
950 GSM
10 years
15 years
Most fAQs about Geomembrane

HDPE Geomembrane Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

Below you will find the answers to the questions we get asked by our customers.

HDPE Geomembrane Liners are HDPE woven laminated fabrics liners for farm ponds, fish ponds, wastewater lagoons, landfills, secondary containment, and other specialized containment ponds.

Here are just some of the most common uses:

  1. Farm pond liners (Irrigation reservoirs)
  2. Aquaculture pond liner
  3. Dams, lakes, golf course pond, canal liner, decorative garden ponds, etc.
  4. waste liquids containment and wastewater conveyance canals liners
  5. As liners and cover for solid-waste landfills and waste piles
  6. As waterproofing liners within tunnels and pipelines
  7. Beneath highways and construction sites as a waterproofing barrier

The formula for sizing a pond liner is simple.

Pond length + depth (one side) + depth (another side) +1 mtr (for anchoring) = liner length

Pond width + depth (one side) + depth (another side) +2 mtr (for anchoring) = liner width

If the measurement of your pond is 25mtr length, 20mtr width, and 3mtr depth, then the liner size you need is:

25+3+3+2=33mtr length

20+3+3+2=28mtr length

Your required liner size is (33mtr X 28mtr) 924sqmtr

This basic formula will work for all pond shapes.

The formula for measuring the capacity of the pond is simple.

For square and rectangular ponds,

Length x width x depth = cubic meter

if pond size is 25mtr(L) x 20mtr(W) x 3mtr(D), 

25 x 20 x 3 x 1000= 1500000 ltr is capacity of pond


HDPE geomembrane sheet rolls normally come in 6ft width. We have to weld each panel together, and we lose 2″ for each overlap. The finished size is the final size of the liner after welding and overlap.

  1. The farm pond helps farmers harvest rainwater to provide a reliable enough, long-term water source for irrigation.
  2. It is a one-time investment that provided water and food security for many years by enhancing crop productivity and climate resilience.
  3. Water harvesting allows timely sowing and irrigation of multiple crops, helping farmers maximize their income.
  4. Generates employment opportunities for on-farm labor during all seasons, preventing migration and making the owner of the farm-pond a rural job-creator.

If your pond is small and the liner is manufactured in a single piece, you can install it yourself, so long as you follow proper procedures. We have written a complete guide to installing pond liners that you can review.

Installing a large pond manufactured of multiple pieces requires a technician (welder) with experience installing pond liners.

Yes! We provide all India services for installing and maintaining. (For installation work, we provide technicians & welding machines only.)

To install a large pond liner sheet, we must have 8 to 10 or more laborers lay the geomembrane panels. Once the panels are in position, one or two technicians with a few helpers will complete the installation.

Additional equipment commonly needed includes a generator (suggested minimum 5kw), power cords (suggested minimum 4sqmm, up to 100 feet long), and equipment to facilitate the deployment of larger liner rolls such as plywood and rope, sandbags, etc.

Mipa Industries is one of the leading HDPE geomembrane manufacturer and is one of the proven and trusted liners by farmers in India when it comes to farm pond liners. We are a specialist manufacturer and installer of HDPE pond liner sheets, which are ideal for water storage.

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