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Rain Pipe

Rain Spray Hose

Rain Pipe

Rain Pipe or rain spray hose is a sprinkler irrigation pipe that sprays the same water quantity to crops through zig-zag & randomly laser punched holes. Rain spray hose is one of the best products in the sprinkler irrigation category. It is effortless to install, reallocate, and reduce the consumption of energy and water by more than 50 percent. Suitable for closely spaced crops.

Mipatex Rain spray hose is made from quality raw material with a UV stabilizer to protect the pipe for many years from sunlight and other climatic condition. These pipes are lightweight, portable, and flexible hence very easy to install and relocate.


rain pipe
Rain Spray Hose Features, Benefits and Design

Rain Pipe- Sprinkler Irrigation Pipe

  • Premium Quality: Mipatex Rain Pipe is manufactured from polyethylene with added UV stabilizer and additives to protect pipe for many years from sunlight and other climatic condition. Nano punching technology so that there is a uniform flow of water. 
  • Economical: Rain hose reduce water & energy consumption. Its spray Irrigation technology saves water more than 60% and irrigates more crops in less time, saving electricity & labor.
  • Easy To Use: Rain hose are lightweight, portable, and flexible, easy to install and reallocate. These rain irrigation pipes are quick to set up and can be carried very quickly from one place to another.
  • Fittings: Each rain hose unit is come with a 100mtr rain pipe, including a male adapter, joiner, end cap, and takeoff valve.
  • Weather Resistance: Mipatex rain spry hose are UV resistant and withstand all weather conditions and temperatures.
  • Wide Coverage: With the help of appropriate water pressure Mipatex rain hose can spray up to 10 to 15 feet on both sides. To perform best, it requires 2kg/cm2 water pressure.
rain pipe
Rain hose technical Specification

Rain Pipe Technical Information

Manufactured from LLDPE with functional additives using extrusion technology and nano punch technology. Durable, Rain hose pipes withstand harsh conditions and perform well in all climates.

Product Code Diameter Wall Thickness Pipe Length Laying Length Water Discharge Operating Pressure Spraying Width Expected Life
75 lph/meter
0.8 kg/cm2
3m(1.5m each side)
4 Years
180 lph/meter
1 kg/cm2
5m(2.5m each side)
4 Years
200 lph/meter
1.5 kg/cm2
6m(3m each side)
4 Years
Rain hose Price

Rain Pipe Price

The quoted prices include GST and one based on the current raw material price and manufacturing costs and will be subject to change. Contact us for bulk orders so that we can give you the best prices.



The information contained here is accurate and reliable to the best of our knowledge and provided for reference purposes only. 

Most fAQS about Rain Hose

Rain Pipe Frequently Ask Question (FAQ)

If you don’t see your question below, don’t hesitate to contact us. We love answering your queries!

Rain pipe is a spray irrigation PE pipe with zigzag holes made by nano punching Technology, which spray water like rain, ensuring the uniform flow of water sprayed up to 10- 15 feet on each side. It is suitable for the low height and close space crops.

  1. Useful for slopes and uneven surfaces
  2. Ensure the uniform flow of water
  3. Cover up to 10 to 15 feet
  4. Save time, energy, and water
  5. Inexpensive compared to sprinklers
  6. Works on low water pressure
  7. Expected Life 3 to 5 years

Water-saving and cost-effectiveness are the main advantages of rain hose pipes. Its laser punched holes are less clogging; work on very low water pressures and irrigate uniformly.

  1. s the name suggests, rain hose pipe sprays water uniformly over the crop like rain.
  2. Effectively irrigate more Area in less time span
  3. Increased crop growth due to proper watering to crop
  4. Quick and effortless installation and handling
  5. Also beneficial in fruit orchards and plantation crops to irrigate the interspace.
  6. Low cost of installation and operation.

For 1-acre spray Irrigation with 6-meter spacing, 800 meters of rain hose pipe is required.

We are fulfilling the agriculture industry’s needs as a reliable partner. All the material is of high quality, and you won’t feel cheated or disappointed after using it.

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