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We offer a superior range of products such as HDPE Geomembrane Pond Liner, HDPE Tarpaulin, Vermi bed, Azolla Bed, Grow Bags, Shade Nets, Biofloc tank, Mulch film, Weed Control Mat, Irrigation Pipes, DWC Pipes and many advanced farming, infrastructure and Industrial products at best possible rates while setting benchmark quality standards.

hdpe geomembrane-2

HDPE Geomembrane

The most important use of pond liners is such as Farm ponds, Fish ponds, lakes, bunds, Reservoirs, Dams,

HDPE Tarpaulin

HDPE Tarpaulins come from 80 to 450 GSM in different sizes and different colors like blue, black, Yellow, Green,

dwc pipe

DWC Pipe

DWC pipes are used in the cable network and an essential in electricity, telecom, sewerage, and most infrastructure projects.

weed control mat

Weed Control Mat

A weed control Mat or ground cover fabric is a UV-stabilized HDPE woven fabric mainly used to prevent unwanted weeds.

vermi bed

Vermi Bed

HDPE Vermi beds are uniquely designed to make organic vermicompost and vermiwash for organic farming.

mulch film-13

Mulch Film

Mulch films or mulching sheets are designed to minimize weed growth and moisture loss and improve crop yield.

plb duct

PLB Duct

PLB is used for installing underground optic fiber cables and underground electric power supply.

rain pipe

Rain Pipe

A rain pipe is a flexible pipe made with nano-punching technology to ensure a uniform water flow.

shade net-19

Shade Net

Shade nets are basically ventilated climate controller that works great for keeping the heat out.

biofloc tank

Biofloc Tank

HDPE biofloc tanks or aquaculture tanks are used for fish farming in remote areas.

grow bag

Grow Bag

Grow Bags are designed for growing vegetables your own, where spaces are premium.

azolla bed

Azolla Bed

HDPE Azolla Beds for Azolla cultivation. Azolla is an aquatic fern and is used as a fooder and fertilizer.

hdpe pipe-25


HDPE pipe is used for fluid and gas transfer and is often used for replacing aging concrete or steel mains pipelines.

warning tape

Warning Tape

Caution warning tape is used for protects telecom lines, electrical cables, and underground utility lines.

drip irrigation pipe

Drip Irrigation Pipe

A drip Irrigation pipe is used as a mainline or subline for water distribution in the drip irrigation system.

lay flat pipe

HDPE Lay Flat Pipe

HDPE woven lay flat pipe or Geo Tube is a lightweight, flexible pipe made of HDPE laminated fabric.