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PLB Duct

PLB Duct

HDPE PLB Duct, Conduit for Optical Fiber Cable (OFC)

MIPATEX PLB Duct or HDPE PLB Pipes are Permanently Lubricated Ducts widely used for the underground laying of underground optical fiber cable (OFC), telecom cables, electrical cables, etc. IT industries widely use these pipes to protect optical fiber cables worldwide. PLB duct pipes are suitable for cable insertion by blowing or pulling by rope techniques.

MIPATEX PLB Ducts are manufactured from HDPE raw material and additives, using co-extrusion technology as per the TSEC specification, and can be customized as per any specifications on demand. The inner side of PLB is lubricated with an additional additive for permanent lubricant to reduce the internal coefficient of fractions (IFC) and Easy and faster installation of cable with less labor work.

Duct Features, Benefits and Design

PLB Duct - Permanently Lubricated Ducts, Protective Conduit for Fiber Optic Cables

  • Premium Quality: MIPATEX PLB Duct pipes are made from the best available HDPE raw material with a very high life expectancy, which is more than 50 years in some cases.
  • Impact Resistance: HDPE PLB duct pipes have superior impact resistance properties that prevent product damage and make tremors safe and unbreakable during a catastrophic event like a quake.
  • ESC Resistant: Withstand all weather conditions and temperatures. PLB HDPE Duct pipe offers an excellent Environmental Stress Crack Resistance.
  • Flexible: PLB duct pipes are flexible and can be bent to a certain radius without causing any damage to the pipes. Its lightweight design makes it easy to transport and lay.
  • UV Stability: we also provide a UV stabilized conduit for applications such as exposure to sunlight, non-buried, rooftop, etc., which need special UV protection.
  • Customization: MIPATEX HDPE PLB duct pipes are available in standard sizes and colors. We also offer customization as per the requirement to meet customer’s specific needs.
plb duct
PLB Duct Specification

HDPE PLB Duct Technical Information

MIPATEX HDPE PLB duct pipes are manufactured as per Telecommunication Engineering Centre GR specification number TEC/GR/FA/CDS-008/04/AUG-19 standard. The information contained here is accurate and reliable to the best of our knowledge and provided for reference purposes only.

Size Outer Diameter Wall Thickness Standard Length Recommended Max. OD of OFC
32/26 mm
32 mm (+0.3 mm, -0.0 mm)
3.0 mm ± 0.2 mm
300, 500, 1000 mtr
12 mm
40/33 mm
40 mm (+0.4 mm, -0.0 mm)
3.5 mm ± 0.2 mm
300, 500, 1000 mtr
16 mm
50/42 mm
50 mm (+0.5 mm -0.0 mm)
4.0 mm ± 0.3 mm
300, 500, 1000 mtr
21 mm

PLB Duct Applications

Optical Fibre Cable (OFC) Duct

Underground Cable Duct

Conduits for Cables

Non-buried Cable Duct


Frequently Ask Question (FAQ) & Answer

HDPE PLB ducts are permanently lubricated duct pipes used for laying and safeguarding optical fiber cables and electric cables. PLB HDPE duct’s inner layer is lubricated to reduce the internal coefficient of friction and easy installation. Made from HDPE with additives, it offers excellent corrosion and chemical resistance and is flexible, durable, and impact resistant.

The primary use of PLB duct is laying an underground duct system for optical fiber cables in the telecom and electric cable networks. PLB pipes ensure easy installation and maintenance and safeguard the cabling networks.

These are the main advantages of HDPE PLB pipes.

  1. It is durable, has more than 50 years of service life, and retains its properties throughout life.
  2. Lubricated inner surface to ensure smooth and frictionless cable insertion.
  3. Flexible/pliable and thus is easy to handle and install. 
  4. Due to the longer length of pipes, very few joints are required saving time, installation cost, and maintenance.
  5. Environmental Stress Crack Resistance (ESCR), 
  6. Superior impact and crush resistance
  7. Lower coefficient of friction due to permanent lubricated internal surface.
  8. Withstand all climatic conditions.
  9. Nontoxic, safe to handle.
  10.  HDPE PLB ducts are durable and cost-effective compared to other conventional ducting systems.

OFC blowing is inserting an optical fiber cable into a PLB duct pipe with the help of an OFC cable blowing machine. Compressed air is injected into the duct inlet after a few meters of cable is pushed into the duct. Compressed air flows at high speed through the duct pipe and along the cable.

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