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Weed Control Mat

Weed Mat

Weed Control Mat Ground Cover Fabric

Weed control mat, also known as ground cover fabric, or landscape fabrics, prevents unwanted weed growth and assures hassle-free gardening. Ground cover fabric blocks sunlight and stops weed growth without using herbicides. Allow air and water circulation, conserve soil moisture, and control erosion. It can be used for many different areas, including landscaping, greenhouse, garden, plant nurseries, and pathways, and used anywhere to control the weed. 

It is an eco-friendly weed control solution for both commercial and domestic applications. MIPATEX Weed control mat is manufactured from superior quality UV stabilities HDPE material. It is UV-resistant, tare-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and weather-resistant.

weed control mat
Weed Mat Features, Benefits & Design

Weed Control Mat, Weed Barrier Fabrics

  • Premium Quality Built to Last: MIPATEX weed control fabrics are manufactured from high-density Polyethylene added PPA, carbon black, and UV stabilizer with tightly woven HDPE tape, which is super durable and lasts up to 10 years.
  • Permeable and Breathable: Water and air can easily penetrate the pinholes of the weed barrier fabric and reach the soil to nourish your plants and promote lush, productive growth.
  • Retain Moisture & Reduce Erosion: Reduce the evaporation of water by blocking sunlight, maintaining moisture, and Preventing heavy rains from direct washout of the ground, reducing soil erosion, and protecting the ecosystem.
  • Versatile: Weed barrier fabrics are suitable for gardens, greenhouses, driveways, landscaping, pathways, paving, construction project, sidewalk, plant nurseries, and other landscaping. 
  • Environmental Friendly: Ground cover fabric reduces the use of herbicides for weed control, Prevents heavy rains from direct washout of the ground, reduces soil erosion, and protects the ecosystem.
  • Easy To Use: Flexible and lightweight design makes our weed control fabrics simple to cut and set up in any plant or place. Also, it is easy to fix into the ground with garden stakes/pegs.
weed control mat
Weed Mat Instalation Video

Weed Control Mat Video

Weed Mat Specification & Literature

Weed Control Mat Technical Information

MIPATEX woven weed control fabric manufactured from HDPE raw material and added U.V.stablizier, carbon black, and functional additives to ensure long life and durability.

Product Code Mass Mesh Width Length Color Expected Life
90 GSM
12 x 12
1.2, 2mtr
50, 100, 500mtr
Black, White
3 Years
110 GSM
12 x 12
1.2, 2mtr
50, 100, 500mtr
Black, White
5 years
130 GSM
14 x 14
1.2, 2, 4mtr
50, 100, 500mtr
Black, White
7 Years
Weed Control fabric Price

Weed Control Mat Price

The quoted prices include GST and one based on the current raw material price and manufacturing costs and will be subject to change. Contact us for bulk orders so that we can give you the best prices.

Weed Control Fabric DATA SHEETS


The information contained here is accurate and reliable to the best of our knowledge and provided for reference purposes only. 

Most fAQS about Weed Mat

Weed Control Mat Frequently Ask Question (FAQ)

Below you will find the answers to the questions we get asked about Weed Control Fabric by our customers.

Weed control fabrics, also knows as landscape fabric, ground cover fabrics, weed control fabrics, and weed barrier fabrics, are names for the same product. As its name suggests, weed mat is an HDPE woven fabric designed to control the unwanted weed.

It is effortless to install ground cover fabric with few steps.

  • Remove all existing weeds or vegetation and rocks from the area you want to cover.
  • Spread or unroll weed control fabric and cut the required size.
  • Use garden stakes, pegs, or stones to hold the mat in the ground.

From farms to home gardens, anyone growing crops can benefit from the weed control fabric! It prevents weeds while still letting in air and water and helps soil retain moisture by slowing evaporation. Ground cover fabric also helps with erosion control in areas prone to wash out with heavy rains. It can also use as weed barrier to lay down gravel for landscaping.

GSM is a weight of weed control fabrics. If you are using under heavy foot traffics, or driveway higher GSM ground cover fabric is recommended. 

Depending on Applications, if you are looking for long-term solutions, weed control fabric is more heavy-duty and durable than mulch due to its woven structure. Also, its permeability allows the proper balance of air, water, and nutrients into the ground.

Sometimes weeds or grasses will grow throughout weed control fabric.The primary causes are woven fabric has pinholes, and it is breathable. Weeds will grow anywhere there is an organic environment present that will allow germination. If the wind blows soil and seeds onto the surface of any ground cover fabric or weed barrier, weed growth is possible.

Mipa Industries is industry leading Weed Control Mat manufacturer. MIPATEX heavy-duty ground cover fabric prevents growing weeds chemical-free and eco-friendly. Encourages air and water circulation and conserves soil moisture of the ground.

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