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Mulch Film

Mulch Film

Mulch Film, Mulching Sheet

Mulch film, also known as mulching sheet or agriculture film, is a plastic sheet that covers the soil to limit moisture losses and weed growth and improves crop yield. Plastic mulch regulates the soil temperature evenly, insulating temperature-sensitive plants during the cooler months. It decreases water used in irrigation, prevents soil compaction, protects against erosion, and improves soil structure.
Moreover, plastic mulch has other advantages, such as transferring temperature to soil and plant roots and maximum fertilizers utilization, and enhancing the soil’s nutrient profile.
MIPATEX plastic mulching sheet are made from superior-quality raw materials and are suitable for almost every crop, withstand weather conditions.

mulch film
Mulch Film Features, Benefits & Design

Mulch Film - Plastic Mulching Sheet

  • Durable: Manufactured from superior quality LDPE, LLDPE, adding additives and UV stabilizer using multi-layer co-extrusion blown film technology to make it highly durable and provide a long-lasting UV life.
  • Water Conversation: Mulching sheet helps maintain consistent moisture levels in the soil by reducing evaporation from the soil and helping maintain constant humidity in the root zone.
  • Weed Control – Silver/Black mulch sheet does not allow the sunlight to pass through onto the soil, which means photosynthesis does not occur in the absence of sunlight below the mulch sheet, which can inhibit most annual and perennial weeds.
  • Improves Soil Structure: mulching sheet provides good insulation to the soil from temperature, rain, and other weather conditions, controls erosion and helps the soil maintain good health.
  • Improved crop quality: mulching sheet prevents direct contact of fruit and vegetables with the soil, reduces fruit rot, and keeps the fruit and vegetables clean. 
  • Earlier Crop Growth: Mulch sheet maintains a warm temperature even at nighttime, enabling seeds to germinate quickly, provide an optimized environment for growth, and help establish a strong root growth system rapidly. As a result, plant development is expedited and can be harvested sooner.
  • Repels Pests: Silver mulch reflects the sun rays that act as an insect repellent and reduce heat transmission. It distracts harmful insects and reduces plant morbidity due to insect-borne diseases.
mulch film
Mulching Film Video

Mulch Film Video

Mulch Film Specification

Mulch Film Technical Information

MIPATEX HDPE Mulching Film is made as per IS 17216: 2019 Standard. Manufactured from liner low density polyethylene (LLDPE) and Treated with anti-sulphur, UV Stabilizer, and functional additives using blow extrusion technology.

Product Code Thickness Width Length Expected Life Color
30 micron
1mtr, 1.2mtr, 1.5mtr
12 months
Silver/Black, White/Black, Clear
40 micron
1mtr, 1.2mtr, 1.5mtr
18 months
Silver/Black, White/Black, Clear
50 micron
1mtr, 1.2mtr, 1.5mtr
24 months
Black, Silver/Black
Plastic Mulch Price

Mulch Film Price

The quoted prices include GST and one based on the current raw material price and manufacturing costs and will be subject to change. Contact us for bulk orders so that we can give you the best prices.

Mulching Film Data Sheet


The information contained here is accurate and reliable to the best of our knowledge and provided for reference purposes only. 

Most fAQS about Mulching Sheet

Mulch Film Frequently Ask Questions (FAQS)

Below you will find the answers to the questions we get asked by our customers.

MIPATEX Plastic mulch is a multilayered polyethylene film for agricultural use available in various colors, widths, and thicknesses, which are used for covering the soil and minimizing weed growth. In addition, mulch sheets prevent moisture loss, modify soil temperature, improve crop yield and earlier crops.

Mulch sheet insulates and modifies soil temperature, limits weed growth, prevents moisture loss, improves fertilizer use efficiency, reduces erosion while protecting plants root against harsh climatic conditions.

MIPATEX multilayered mulch sheets are manufactured from LDPE (low density polyethylene), LLDPE (linear low density polyethylene), UV stabilizers, and other additives using co-extrusion blown film technology.

Mulching sheet saves farmers time, effort, and money along with these main benefits:

  1. Minimize the growth of unwanted weeds and plants.
  2. It prevents water evaporation from the soil, helps retain moisture, and minimizes water usage.
  3. Reduce the temperature fluctuations in the soil, regulate soil temperature between day and night.
  4. Reflective silver/black mulch acts as an insect repellant; it helps in keeping insects away.
  5. Protect soil from temperature, rain, and other weather conditions and help the soil maintain good health.
  6. Prevents direct contact of fruit and vegetables with the soil, reducing fruit rot.

MIPATEX offers a wide variety of mulching films for different growing conditions.

Silver/Black Mulch: Suitable for almost every crop, silver-black mulch is the most popular mulch among farmers. It blocks sunlight from passing below mulch to prevent weed growth. The metallic silver outer surface reflects sunlight, acts as an insect repellent and helps decrease pesticides. This mulch reflects 27% of the light to the fruits and plants; it improves color development.

White/Black MulchHighly recommended for crops that require low temperature at the root system. Its outer white surface reflects 60% of sunlight and provides good insulation to the soil from temperature. The black inner surface blocks sunlight from reaching the soil and prevent weed growth.

Transparent (Clear Mulch): Transparent mulching film is ideal for the winter season as it allows sunlight to increase soil temperature and boost root development and early harvest. The disadvantage of clear mulch is that it does not prevent weed growth. 

Black Mulch: Black mulching film is ideal for cold weather. It retains maximum sunrays received during the day and transmits them to the soil to increase its ambient temperature and provide an optimized environment for the best roost stock growth. Also, eliminate weed growth by preventing light transmission to the soil.

Color Mulch: Color mulch sheet is a midway solution for an application that requires advanced weeds controls and moderate soil heat up for optimized roots growth. Color mulch also attracts harmful insects that can attack plant leaves. These films are available in red, brown, green, yellow, and blue.

Biodegradable Mulch: MIPATEX biodegradable mulch sheet contains biobased content, which works as traditional plastic mulch and reduces environmental impact. In addition, the farmer does not have to collect and dispose of the mulch sheet after harvest. 

To prevent weeds, protect soil, and secure crop yield, mulching films need to be made of quality Material with added UV stabilizer and other additives to protect against solar UV rays and agrochemicals. As a leading mulch film manufacturer Mipa Industries guarantee all these standard specifications.

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